Make a New Year's Resolution That Lasts

The Vocab Club

Thank you for your interest in The Vocab Club. Registration is now closed but it will reopen on the 21st January 2017. Enter your details below to be notified when registration opens! 

Have you ever made New Year's resolutions that didn't work?

Have you ever promised yourself that you would take your language learning to another level, commit to studying every day or every week, and ended up doing it once a month (and only if you remembered!)? 

I certainly have… And so have many other language learners I know! 

2017 is going to be different.

Why? Because I’ve got a very special free programme I’d like you to join. 

It’s called The Vocab Club and its aim is to help you stick to your language learning resolutions for 2017. 

The main focus of the The Vocab Club is vocabulary expansion - making sure you’re learning and practising new words and phrases consistently, and that you focus on things that have the most impact. 

The Vocab Club is suitable for learners of any language and it’s completely free

The Vocab Club will help you address the most common reasons why you risk giving up your New Year’s resolutions: 

  • Lack of time 
  • Not knowing what to learn next / not having a plan 
  • Not knowing how to focus on learning something that will have a real impact 
  • Lack of support (you don’t have anyone to drive your forward and cheer you on)
  • You don’t know how to motivate yourself 
  • You’re not making progress
  • You forget about your New Year’s resolution...

Registration is now closed and will reopen on the 21st January 2017. Enter your details below to be notified when registration reopens!

Are you ready to join The Vocab Club?


3. You share your successes and your challenges with The Vocab Club community (in a private Facebook group). The community helps you address your challenges and joins you in celebrating your successes. 

So how does The Vocab Club work?

4. You look back at your progress at the end of the month and realise how amazingly you’re doing! 

1. You receive a weekly email with a list of tasks to complete during that week. All tasks are designed to work with any language you’re learning. They’re also focused on functional language skills (learning the most useful vocabulary that will help you move towards fluency). 

2. You record your progress in a shared learning log. This is shared with all other members of The Vocab Club community so there’s no getting away with not doing the work! 

Registration is closed and will reopen on the 21st January. Enter your details below to be notified when registration reopens!

And don’t worry - if you don’t like The Vocab Club, you can leave at any time.

Are you ready for the challenge?


"I hope you can join me at The Vocab Club in 2017!" 

~ Agnieszka Murdoch, 5-Minute Language