8 Signs You’re Addicted to Learning Languages 8

Are you worried that you or someone you know might be addicted to learning languages? Well, before you make your final diagnosis, use the guidance below to check their symptoms!

And don’t worry – being a language learning addict is not a bad thing after all!

1. You delete holiday photos from your phone to make some space for language apps

Because who cares about memories when you can get the latest version of Duolingo, right?


2. You’re happy to watch really bad films just because they’re foreign

You have the time of your life and your friends be like:


3. You occasionally forget to shower because you’re in the middle of a learning sprint

But hey, what did they invent deodorant for?


4. Your house is full of language books you’ve never read

They look nice, though.


5. You think monolingual people are… weird

They only speak one language. They what?!


6. You often unintentionally use foreign words in your native language

People think you’re arrogant but it’s just a mistake.


7. People often wonder why the heck you’re learning their language

And it’s just because it’s fun!


8. You’re an amazing person

Because you can speak another language!

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  • This is my new favorite post. Thanks for assembling this Agnieszka.

  • Ahhh! This post is so relatable.

    N.1 happens to me all. the. time.

  • Julia Miller

    I definitely relate to that….

  • ToGusDS

    I love the “You think monolingual people are… weird” I just don’t get it jajaja

  • carl

    I’m like a bilingual child I often mix Chinese words in with my English and when I meet someone from a different country I find myself looking up to see how to say hi in their language.

  • flootzavut

    6 is the story of my life. I really, really don’t mean to, but apparently I do, more than I even realise ???

  • So, it turned up I’m addicted to learn languages. LOL. Any medicines? 🙂

  • Alex Gentry

    Language addict for nearly 11 years now and still going strong!!! 😀