How to Learn Two Languages at the Same Time 3

learn two languages at the same time

Are you learning two foreign languages at the same time? Check out my tips on how to do it effectively! Don’t for get to subscribe to my YouTube channel as well 🙂

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  • Ewan Dominic McGregor

    Hey I’m learning Thai. Been learning for two years now. Now this year I’m going to start Shan, and Northern Thai (which are very similar) and also mandarin which is very different. I find so far that learning Shan and Northern Thai my Brain knows similar words in Thai so I think of the thai word first and it helps me to remember the word in the target language. But for mandarin, I’ve literally just started this week, so we will see how that goes!! I’m exchanging english for mandarin at a local school, and I’m exchanging english for Shan and Northern Thai with some teenagers every 2 days! 2017 is gonna be a good one!

  • dandiprat

    No matter what I do it always seems that one language ends up dominating the other one for my study time although every few months this might switch. This is not something I decide, at least not consciously. The more free time I have the more it balances out. Can’t really do them on alternating days for some reason that never works out. I do agree with your video that having set times for study works out best. Cantonese for me is the evening after I’ve done everything else I watch a tv program. Vietnamese is every other time of the day when I’m free. Sometimes it works out I get more Cantonese and sometimes Vietnamese.

  • Very great tips. I plan to learn Arabic and Swahili next year because of some similarities between the two.