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learn foreign languages effectively

Learn Foreign Languages Effectively


Over the past year, I’ve been working on a huge project which is all about you guys. I code-named it Project Dragonfly.


I’m really, really excited to finally be able to tell you what it’s about!


Do you remember when you first started learning languages?


Do you remember what difference it made to your life?


Do you remember how that felt?


I’m sure you do! It’s an amazing feeling that we, language learners, share.


And that’s why I’m here – to help you recreate this feeling over and over again. As you progress in the languages you’re learning and as you start learning a new language and get to the point where you begin to ‘get it’.


My vision is to support language learners around the world to make their dreams come true. My goal is to help every person in the world have the opportunity to learn another language.


And that’s why I bring you today Language Learner Pro – a step-by-step course in which I share all of my favourite language learning strategies that have helped me learn five languages.


Many language learners I talk to tell me these two things:


I’m not making any progress and I’ve been learning for so long – I don’t know where I’m going wrong.

I haven’t got time to learn a language properly so I don’t think I can make any progress.


When you’re learning a language, you want to see yourself progress.


You want to feel like you’ve learned something every single day.


You want to create habits that will support your learning.


You want to use techniques that will make language learning part of your everyday life.


And this is what Language Learner Pro is all about.


It’s about showing you how you can use simple strategies and techniques to make progress in the ‘four pillars of fluency’: vocabulary, reading, listening and speaking.


It teaches you how to build habits, put your learning into practice and always move forward.


Does that sound good? Check it out!

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