Euro 2016: The 24 Countries’ Names in Their Main Languages [Infographic] 1

euro 2016 countries' names in their languages

The European Football Championships start in France this week and it’s a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about the participating countries and their languages.

That’s why I’ve created a fun infographic that lists the 24 participating countries and their names in the main languages that are spoken in each one.

So, if you’re watching any of the games with people who are from another country, you may find this infographic useful when cheering their team on!

Have fun and good luck to your team!

A little disclaimer – I know that each of the countries below has a rich variety of minority languages and local dialects as well, but I thought I’d focus on the main ones just to make it simple! If you live in one of the countries below and your native language is different to the ones listed below, let me know in the comments!

Euro 2016 countries' names in their languages


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  • Margie

    I just have a quick edit for this, Ireland in Irish is actually “Éire”. Éireann is a dative form used after prepositions.