5 books every language learner should read 1
The 23 April 2017 is World Book and Copyright Day. To mark this occasion, I’ve decided to share with you my 5 favourite books that I think you should read if you want to become a more effective language learner. I’ve also made a video in which I share some extra details about the books. Make sure you watch it as well and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel: Are you ready to look at the 5 books every language learner should read? Let’s get started! 1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People What is it? A classic in […]

5 Books Every Language Learner Should Read

what is the easiest language to learn
What is the easiest language to learn? It’s a question many people ask me. Many people want to know what the easiest language to learn is before they start learning their first foreign language. Other people may be wondering what the easiest language to learn is when choosing their second or third foreign language. It’s a very important question. But it’s also a very difficult one to answer. Let’s have a go at answering it, though – shall we? Before we do that, though, I just want to let you know that if you prefer, you can watch the video below […]

What Is the Easiest Language to Learn?

how to start a blog
In February this year, my blog 5-Minute Language turned two! Time really does fly! It’s been a great couple of years of sharing my passion with you guys and interacting with you. Running the blog has also enabled me to meet a lot of interesting language learners, including other language bloggers, collaborate on projects and start new friendships. I’ve also learned a whole lot of stuff about blogging in the past two years. So, in this post I’d like to share with you everything I know about how to start a blog. Here’s your complete guide! How to Start a Blog  […]

Your Complete Guide to Starting a Blog

How to sound like a native speaker 7
How to sound like a native speaker? If you prefer to watch a video about this topic, then here it is! Don’t forget to subscribe to the 5-Minute Language Youtube channel and give this video a thumbs up – thank you! If you’d like to read my advice in detail, here it is! When I moved to England for the first time, I really wanted to sound like a native. I felt very strongly that my ability to speak without my native accent was the one and only goal to aim for. I wanted to be part of the crowd. […]

How to sound like a native speaker in a foreign language

Productive language learners 3
Would you like to become a more productive language learner? Below, you’ll find 12 things that ultra-productive language learners do differently. Hope some of these strategies will help you achieve your goals! 1. They get ready for tomorrow today Productive language learners finish their learning sessions by preparing for their next one. Procrastination can often be a result of not knowing where to start. That’s why preparing a topic you’re going to work on next time during your current learning session can be beneficial. Do it whilst you’re motivated and you’ll be less likely to procrastinate next time it’s time […]

12 Things Ultra-productive Language Learners Do Differently

how to stay motivated to learn a language 6
Motivation is an important element of the language learning process. For each of us, language learning motivation is linked to something slightly different but I will try and give you some universal tips on how to stay motivated when learning a foreign language. Hope you’ll find them useful! Check out my video on this topic as well and don’t forget to subscribe to the 5-Minute Language Youtube channel! 1. Develop your internal language learning motivation Some of us are motivated by rewards – having a delicious piece of cake or a glass of wine to celebrate an achievement like learning […]

How to stay motivated when learning a language

how to learn several languages at the same time 33
One of the things that often come up in my conversations with other language learners is the question of how to learn and maintain multiple languages at the same time. Below, you will find my tips, as well as a summary of what other language experts think about learning and maintaining several languages simultaneously. I’m going to start with the logistics of how to ensure you’re not mixing up the different languages you’re learning. I’ll then give you some examples of how you can structure your time to make sure you’re devoting equal amounts of time to each one of […]

How to learn and maintain multiple languages at the same time

The best books and resources to learn Polish Language books are fun – even in the era of free internet resources and Youtube channels on language learning. If you’re just beginning your Polish learning journey, I’ve got a list of the best books to learn Polish for you. I’ve divided this post into different types of resources, from grammar books to courses in colloquial Polish. When learning a language, I would probably get one of each and supplement this with online resources, podcasts, films and conversation classes. But the choice is yours! Are you ready? Let’s get started! Polish for […]

The Best Books and Resources to Learn Polish

most common spelling mistakes in English
Most common spelling mistakes in English Here’s a list of the most common spelling mistakes in English. And it’s not only English learners that struggle with them. Even native speakers often find it difficult to remember how to spell these words! Enjoy the infographic! 30 Most Common Spelling Mistakes in English – INFORGRAPHIC Click To Tweet Are you learning English? Head over to the 5-Minute Language Youtube channel for free videos for English learners!  

30 Most Common Spelling Mistakes in English [infographic]

language learning addict 6
Are you worried that you or someone you know might be addicted to learning languages? Well, before you make your final diagnosis, use the guidance below to check their symptoms! And don’t worry – being a language learning addict is not a bad thing after all! 1. You delete holiday photos from your phone to make some space for language apps Because who cares about memories when you can get the latest version of Duolingo, right?   2. You’re happy to watch really bad films just because they’re foreign You have the time of your life and your friends be like:   […]

8 Signs You’re Addicted to Learning Languages

English Phrasal Verbs Every Learner Should Know Do you ever feel unwell when somebody mentions English phrasal verbs? Well… I know many English learners do – you’re not the only one! I want to help you become a phrasal verb pro and that’s why I’m starting a new series on the 5-Minute Language YouTube channel, focused specifically on English phrasal verbs! Are you excited? I am! In the first video in this series, I discuss 5 English phrasal verbs you need to know if you want to speak English like a native. Watch the video to find out what they are: […]

5 Phrasal Verbs You Need to Know to Speak English Like a Native

get fluent 4
If you’re really serious about making progress in the language or languages you’re learning, consider giving up all of these six things. 1.Stop thinking fluency is your only goal Fluency is a big word. It’s actually massive. Let’s face it – if fluency is your only goal, you’ll be massively overwhelmed. Imagine this: you’ve never been out for a run in your life and you want to get into running to improve your overall fitness. Do you enter a marathon straight away? What’s your answer to this? Well, mine would be – no way! I’d probably give up my dream […]

6 Things You Need to Stop Doing Immediately if You Want to Get Fluent

lose your accent
Many language learners believe that losing your foreign accent when speaking another language is a sign of fluency in that language. I know many of you are interested in this topic because my article on how to sound more like a native speaker is a very popular one! However, is losing your own accent when speaking a foreign language is really something you should be aiming for? Watch my video to find out! Don’t forget to subscribe to the 5-Minute Language YouTube channel as well – more similar videos coming soon! Should you lose your foreign accent when speaking another […]

Should You Try to Lose Your Foreign Accent?

how to be fluent in english 2
Here’s a new video for all of you language learners who are learning English! I discuss my favourite strategies for getting to fluency in English. So, if you’re wondering how to be fluent in English, make sure you check it out! Also, don’t forget to download your free sheet with the 25 most common and extremely useful English phrasal verbs! Download your free resource here Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos about learning English! 3 Things You Must Do to Be Fluent in English Click To Tweet

3 Things You Must Do to Be Fluent in English

language learning myths 5
There are so many myths when it comes to language learning that I decided to make a video to tell you guys the truth! Check it out and let me what you think in the comments below!

5 Biggest Language Learning Myths

how to learn vocabulary effectively 1
I started 2017 with a commitment to learn Japanese more consistently. I’m doing this with many of you as part of The Vocab Club – my free programme that aims to help you stick to your language learning resolutions. I’m really excited about this – thank you to those of you who have signed up already! If you haven’t sign up yet – you can still enter your name and email and I’ll let you know when the next round of the programme opens 🙂 For me, learning vocabulary is probably the most important (and the most enjoyable!) element of acquiring […]

How to Learn Vocabulary Effectively: Top Tips

Language experts reveal their top language learning strategies in 2016 I can’t believe there are only a couple of days left of 2016! It’s been an interesting year in many different ways and I’m sure you guys have made a lot of progress in at least one area of your language learning. What’s a better way to celebrate the transition to 2017 than to gather advice from some of the most interesting language learners and bloggers out there. I’ve asked 17 people what their number one language learning strategy was in 2016 and here are their answers! 18 language experts […]

Language Learning Experts’ Favourite Strategies in 2016

most popular on 5-minute language in 2016
It’s almost the end of December and it’s time to look back over 2016! This post celebrates the five most popular articles on 5-Minute Language in 2016. The five articles most read by you guys! Thank you for supporting 5-Minute Language this year – it means a lot to me! So, let’s get started! Top 5 Most Popular Language Learning Articles on 5-Minute Language in 2016 Click To Tweet 1. 10 Things Monolingual People Will Never Understand  This one is a real gem – it’s the most popular article on 5-Minute Language in 2016, and the second most popular ever! It’s […]

Your Top 5 Favourite Posts on 5-Minute Language in 2016

learning languages
Mistakes, preconceptions and limiting beliefs – we all make them and have them, and we should share them to help other people make a better start! So, here they are – the 7 things I wish I’d known before I started learning foreign languages. I hope they can help you on your journey! 1. You use 20% of words 80% of the time When people start learning foreign languages, the temptation often is to learn as many words as possible. A lot of new words often seems like a lot of progress. I was trapped in the same kind of […]

7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Started Learning Languages

Welcome to episode 3 of the 5-Minute Language Podcast! In this episode, I discuss a technique that has really helped me improve my confidence when speaking foreign languages. I call it ‘echoing’. This technique is particularly useful when you’re feeling a little bit shy and finding it hard to join in a conversation. So, what is ‘echoing’ and how can it help you improve your speaking skills? Listen to the episode to find out! Subscribe: iTunes Thanks for supporting the 5-Minute Language podcast. If you’d like to help me out, here’s what you can do: Subscribe to the podcast on […]

5ML 003: Improve Your Speaking Skills with ‘Echoing’

learn multiple languages
Use a language you already know to learn multiple languages In this article, I’m going to show you exactly how you can make the most of any language you already know to learn another language, or to learn several languages! Think you don’t know any languages already? You do – you know your native language. And yes – you can use your native language to learn many other languages. Are you with me? Let’s look into the details of what that means.   1. Look for similarities in vocabulary More often than not, your native language (or any other language you […]

4 Ways to Use a Language You Know to Learn Another Language

is motivation important when learning a language 1
Welcome to episode 2 of the 5-Minute Language podcast! In this episode, I discuss the question of whether motivation is really important when learning a language. I’ve got a perhaps slightly controversial view on this… Listen to the podcast to find out what it is and let me know if you agree!     Subscribe: iTunes Thanks for supporting the 5-Minute Language podcast. If you’d like to help me out, here’s what you can do: Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes Ask me a question about language learning in the comments below – I’ll try to answer it in one […]

5ML 002: Is Motivation Important When Learning a Language?

how to start learning a language
Hello dear Language Learner! I’m really excited to introduce you to the brand new 5-Minute Language Podcast! The first episode is about how to start learning a new language. I give you a tip relating to the first step you should take when learning a new language. I’m really keen for this podcast to become something that we create together. If there’s anything you’d like me to discuss in future episodes, don’t hesitate to get in touch!   Subscribe: iTunes Thanks so much for listening! If you’d like to support the podcast, here’s what you can do: Subscribe to the […]

5ML 001: How to Start Learning a New Language

English articles are something that many learners struggle with, especially if their native language doesn’t have them. That’s why I thought I’d write this brief overview of how to use definite and indefinite articles in English. As I’m sure you already know, the two types of articles in English are: the definite article (the) and the indefinite article (a/an). They are used in front of nouns (such as ‘a house’, ‘the book’) and I’m about to give you some rules as to when you should use each one! You can also download your free sheet which summarises the contents of […]

How to use ‘a’ and ‘the’ in English

overcome fear of speaking 1
Speaking – it’s tough! We’re all in the same boat, though. You’re not the only person who’s feeling that way. It takes courage to get started. It can be overwhelming. But… I’ve got good news for you – you can do it! When I moved to France in 2007, I thought I had what I needed. I’d been learning French for about four years at that point. I could easily read novels in French, including Victor Hugo and Marcel Proust, and I was also getting into graphic novels. I had a lot of vocabulary – both formal and informal – […]

Overcome the Fear of Speaking in 3 Easy Steps

You don’t have time for language learning, right? Let me tell you something – you don’t need huge amounts of time to make progress in the language you’re learning. There are plenty of things you could be doing to move your learning forward, even if they only take five or ten minutes. The philosophy behind 5-Minute Language is that you can learn languages even if you have a busy lifestyle. Too many people feel held back by their other commitments and they put off learning until they’re free. Will they ever be free? Will they have more time? Maybe the […]

10 Language Learning Activities That Take 5 Minutes or Less

4 essential strategies for english learners
If you’re reading this, then you’re probably hoping to become a better English learner. That’s great! With this in mind, I’ve written this article which sets out four essential vocabulary learning strategies that will help you become a more fluent and confident English speaker. Read on to find out what they are! 1. Learn collocations Collocations are two or more words that usually go together. These combinations of words sound natural and ‘right’ to native English speakers. That’s why it’s important for you to learn them – they will help you speak more clearly and fluently, and the people you […]

4 Essential Strategies for English Learners

10 things monolingual people will never understand 12
1. Wanting to learn a language for no reason whatsoever Yes, I’m learning Haitian Creole. No, I’m not going to Haiti. And I’m not married to a person from Haiti. And I’m not working with people from Haiti. I just like the sound of their language!  2. That feeling when you walk into a language bookshop And it’s like walking into a sweet shop as a child. It’s magic. 3. That feeling when you’re watching a foreign film and you spot a mistake in the subtitles They always mistranslate X – they should know better! 4. The urge to buy […]

10 Things Monolingual People Will Never Understand

how to learn a language fast 2
Hey you, language learner! So you want to learn a language fast?   Well, let me tell you something: I’ve got good news and bad news for you. Which one do you want to hear first?   Let’s start with a little bit of good news then.   You can learn a foreign language faster than you think. It doesn’t take years to learn a language.   You’re probably thinking:   ‘But I’ve been learning French since secondary school and I still don’t get it right.’   ‘So why does it take years to complete a university degree in a […]

How to Learn a Language Fast

5 ways to succeed as a language learner 2
How to Learn a Foreign Language? How to learn a foreign language? This question is a big one – I’m sure you’ll agree with me! However, in order to break it down and provide you with at least a little bit of an answer, I’ve created a video listing my top 5 ways to succeed as a language learner. Check it out and let me know what you think! And, if you’re not subscribed to the 5-Minute Language YouTube channel, here’s your chance to do so! It only takes a second 🙂 In the video, I refer to my article […]

5 Ways to Succeed As a Language Learner

Are you too strict with yourself when learning languages? 11
  In the last year or so, the internet has been flooded with blogs about productivity, smart thinking, smart learning, optimising your routines, increasing your effectiveness, developing good habits and so on, and so on.   This seems to be a trend that’s here to stay – it can be applied to the way we work, the way we eat, the way we organise our daily lives, and, of course, the way we study foreign languages.   Put procrastination in the closet because you won’t need it for a while (or, ideally, ever again!).   Being productive is good but… […]

Are You Too Strict With Yourself When Learning Languages?

24 euro 2016 countries' names in their main languages 1
The European Football Championships start in France this week and it’s a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about the participating countries and their languages. That’s why I’ve created a fun infographic that lists the 24 participating countries and their names in the main languages that are spoken in each one. So, if you’re watching any of the games with people who are from another country, you may find this infographic useful when cheering their team on! Have fun and good luck to your team! A little disclaimer – I know that each of the countries below has […]

Euro 2016: The 24 Countries’ Names in Their Main Languages [Infographic]

How to choose language learning resources You want to start learning a new language and you’re wondering where to start. Or maybe you’re already learning but would like to move up a level and need some resources which are more challenging. I’m sure we’ve all been there before. I recently started learning Japanese and I was in this exact same situation – I needed some resources! There’s a sea of resources out there – both paid and free – and it’s difficult to choose what’s best for you, especially when you don’t have any experience of learning the language you […]

How to Choose Language Learning Resources

How to learn vocabulary effectively webinar 1
Free Webinar: How to Learn Vocabulary Guys! I’m hosting a free webinar on how to learn vocabulary effectively! It’s on the 7th of June 2016 – very soon – and I’m very excited! I’m going to focus on three crucial aspects of learning vocabulary effectively: Memorisation (with tips for those of you who struggle to remember new words) Putting new words to work straight away Recalling new words from memory when you need them Want to know more (or even join me for the webinar!)? Sign up through the link below! There will be a special bonus for those of […]

How to Learn Vocabulary: Free Webinar

Polish noun genders: how to recognise and learn them Polish noun genders are something that you may be confused about but fear not – I’m about to give you an easy-to-digest introduction to what Polish noun genders are all about! What’s a noun gender? A noun gender is a quality of a noun (such as an object or a person, for example) that denotes whether it’s feminine, masculine or neutral. I know this sounds weird when you’re a native English speaker and haven’t learned a language that has genders before… Let’s start with the obvious ones: The word ‘woman’ in […]

Polish Noun Genders: How To Learn Them

learn foreign languages effectively
Learn Foreign Languages Effectively   Over the past year, I’ve been working on a huge project which is all about you guys. I code-named it Project Dragonfly.   I’m really, really excited to finally be able to tell you what it’s about!   Do you remember when you first started learning languages?   Do you remember what difference it made to your life?   Do you remember how that felt?   I’m sure you do! It’s an amazing feeling that we, language learners, share.   And that’s why I’m here – to help you recreate this feeling over and over […]

Language Learner Pro: Launch

5 Skills that will make you successful in a language career 1
Want to be a language teacher, language app developer, translator, or anything else that involves using languages in your job? Take a look at the five essential skills you will need to be successful in a language career, and some tips on how you can develop them! Listening skills Good active listening skills will help you win friends and become successful in any career. Active listening is about showing you care, empathising with the person you’re listening to, and building productive relationships with people. If you’re working in languages, here’s how being a good listener can help you: If you’re […]

5 Skills That Will Make You Successful in a Language Career