6 most annoying things about learning a language

6 most annoying things about language learning

Language learning is fun but it can be a little bit annoying sometimes! Don’t you agree?

In the video below, I talk about the 6 most annoying things about learning a foreign language. Comment below with the things you find particularly annoying about language learning.

And remember you can read the post below if you don’t fancy watching the video!

1. You always know the answer *after* somebody tells you what it is

Imagine you’re saying something and you’re trying to remember a word that you already know really well. You used it yesterday but for some reason it’s gone now. You can’t remember at all.

And then somebody tells you what it is and you go: ‘I knew it!’. Because you did. So why didn’t you say? Annoying, isn’t it?!

2. Annoying exceptions to rules

Learning a rule in a foreign language takes 5 minutes. So why does it then take hours to learn all the exceptions to that rule?! That is seriously so annoying.

3. You understand more than you can say

You read all the time – you read a whole book last week. But you can’t talk like that book. You understand it but you can’t replicate it. So in a way you feel proud of yourself but you also feel… annoyed.

4. Learning a language takes ages

It doesn’t take a month or two. It takes absolutely ages. And it seemed so easy when you were starting out!

5. Watching films without subtitles is not *that* easy

You’re pretty fluent already, you can read no problem and you know a lot of vocabulary. Why not watch a foreign film in its original version then? You put it on and you realise that you can’t actually understand. Everyone is talking so fast. And they have accents as well…

So you put the subtitles on but that doesn’t help much because you can’t concentrate on listening and reading at the same time. What a mess!

6. False friends are real

You new about false friends before you started learning. But what you didn’t know is how annoying they were! And how many of them there were.

So you end up making embarrassing mistakes where you say something rude by accident because it sounded like a perfectly normal word in your native language…

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